Unbound Key Control (UKC): The First Cloud vHSM & Key Management Platform on Azure Marketplace

With Unbound, organizations can control their own keys in the cloud, and eliminate the risk of cryptographic keys exposure, protecting their customers and stakeholders from a wide range of cyber security risks.

UKC is open for use for any cloud and on-premise application.

Leading fortune 500 organizations are already using Unbound UKC to protect keys in cloud and hybrid deployments, on AWS, Azure and other cloud service providers.

Now, customers can purchase Unbound directly from the Marketplace to manage and control keys in both the Azure Cloud Service and custom applications and their associated APIs, providing a complete solution for the largest pain points of using hardware security modules (HSM) and key management systems to protect keys in the cloud.

Unbound UKC is the first offering of its kind in Azure, allowing the customers to securely create and manage their keys in a pure software solution, that provides hardware-grade security with full control of the encryption keys.


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