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How can a company provide a code signing solution that scales across 100,000 developers in more than 2,000 teams across a hybrid cloud environment spanning numerous disparate sites globally? 

In this case study we pose challenges facing this top tech company, including the sheer number of developers and global sites, a mix of on-premise and cloud-based development environments and how to tackle the problem of agility vs. scalability.

The customer used Unbound’s Distributed Trust Platform  where code signing private keys are protected, ensuring key material is never in the clear throughout its entire lifecycle – even while in use.

  • Centralized management for any code, anywhere
  • DevsecOps readiness
  • Extremely fast adoption
  • Prompt onboarding: Onboarding a new internal customer takes minutes

The Unbound Key Control (UKC) code signing an excellent fit for organizations with hybrid cloud environments and/or disparate development sites. 

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