How to Control Your Own Keys (CYOK) in the Cloud

As businesses increase their reliance on cloud IaaS and SaaS to carry out day-to-day operations, develop and deliver their software, and store sensitive data, taking control of security in the cloud becomes critical.

A core aspect of this is controlling the secret cryptographic keys used for data encryption, code signing, and other fundamental security functions:

  • Managing all keys throughout the lifecycle
  • Ensuring keys cannot be compromised by anyone, even by a cloud provider served with a subpoena
  • Real-time logging of all key operations for auditing and anomaly detection

However, many organizations are forced to make a tradeoff between control and usability when choosing between existing cloud key management solutions, such as cloud service providers’ native key management services, Bring Your Own Key (BYOK), Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) and cloud HSM. 

Unbound CYOK (Control Your Own Key) is a new approach to key management in the cloud. The first pure-software key protection that reaches the security levels of physical HSMs - CYOK has eliminated the control vs. usability compromise for cryptographic keys in the cloud.

In this new eBook, we outline steps you and your organization can take to maintain full control of your keys across any cloud or on-premises infrastructure.