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How to Control Your Own Keys (CYOK) in the Public Cloud

In this new eBook, we outline steps you and your organization can take to maintain full control of your keys across any cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

 As businesses move more of their day-to-day operations to the cloud, taking control of security becomes critical—especially when it comes to the management and protection of cryptographic keys. However, existing cloud key management solutions force businesses to make a tradeoff between control and usability.

Unbound’s Control Your Own Key (CYOK) Solution is the first pure-software, HSM-grade key management and protection platform that enables organizations to:

  • Manage and protect keys throughout their entire lifecycle within an easy-to-use, centralized system
  • Maintain FULL CONTROL of keys, even in the case of rogue adversary or subpoena (this is especially relevant in the age of GDPR, the CLOUD Act & other data privacy legislation)
  • Eliminate the need for hardware

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