Unbound + MPC = A Match Made in Math

Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is a subfield of cryptography that allows parties to jointly compute a function overtheir inputs, while keeping each party's inputs private from each the other. In this webinar, Professor Nigel Smart will unveil some of the magic behind MPC and show you it being used today in real-world scenarios.

You don't have to be a cryptographer or a mathematician to enjoy this webinar. Suitable for both math freaks and math-phobes alike!


About the Speaker:


Professor Nigel Smart – Unbound Co-Founder

Nigel Smart, one of Unbound's co-founders, is a Professor at University of Bristol UK. He is a world-renowned expert in applied cryptography, and was the Vice President of the International Association of Cryptologic Research. In the past, Nigel worked at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories developing advanced encryption technologies. He has also been involved in developing many standards, and has worked with both industry and government on applying cryptography to solve critical security problems.