Protecting Data-in-use in the Cloud

Recorded Live at BlueHat IL 2017 

A great challenge that faces companies who wish to adopt cloud computing is the potential theft of confidential data. Standard encryption fails since cloud services cannot process encrypted data. There are numerous new proposed technologies to deal with this, including format-preserving encryption, order-preserving encryption, probabilistic searchable encryption, and more.

Unfortunately, however, these solutions have inherent security weaknesses that need to be properly understood. We will describe the different solutions, and analyze their security, including presenting concrete attacks on real datasets. These solutions are now being deployed and a proper understanding of security they do and do not provide is crucial.

In this talk, we will demystify these solutions and provide a deep understanding that is necessary for analyzing their security. Attacks will be presented that show that strong security claims often attributed to some solutions do not hold up.


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Prof. Yehuda Lindell - Co-Founder / Chief Scientist

Professor Yehuda Lindell is a co-founder of Dyadic Security and serves as its Chief Scientist. Prof. Lindell is a professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He is an expert on cryptography, has published over 90 scientific articles and has authored one of the most widely used textbooks on the subject. He has years of industry experience in the application of cryptography to computer security.