How to Go Beyond BYOK with CYOK and Control Your Own Keys

~A New Risk Management Paradigm for Cloud Computing~

If there is one thing we've learned from the recent breach of a popular SSO Identity-Management Provider, it is that organizations storing sensitive data on IaaS and SaaS cloud-based platforms must remain in full and sole control of their encryption keys.

CYOK is a method that gives organizations one last line of defense in case of a data breach to their provider’s network, or alternatively, unexpected events like government subpoena. In this webinar, we'll discuss how SaaS/IaaS providers and their customers can work together to enable CYOK as a safeguard to ensure sensitive assets remain secure even when a security nightmare turns to a reality.

What attendees will learn:

  • What went wrong and how it could be prevented? A brief overview of the series of compromises that led to the OneLogin data breach
  • Key management for cloud services: comparison of common approaches Unifies multiple workloads (no more key mgmt in silos!)
  • Introduction to CYOK: A new risk management paradigm for using cloud services
  • Demo: See CYOK in action -  encrypting and decrypting data in the cloud while maintaining full control, audit and visibility of your encryption keys.

About the Speaker:

Oz Mishli.jpg  

Oz Mishli - VP of Products

Oz is a cybersecurity expert, specializing in malware research and fraud prevention.
He’s held both business and tech roles in the industry, and served in an elite intelligence unit in the military.