Securing Data in Perimeterless, Multi-Cloud IT Environments

Creating a New Risk Management Paradigm for Financial Institutions in the Digital Era

As the financial services industry is expected to deliver more digital products and services, traditional data centers are moving into the cloud and transitioning to new agile delivery models of apps, containers and Dockers – resulting in the creation of a perimeter-less hybrid and multi-cloud IT environment. This comes by a large risk management and security challenges that are intensified by the rapid proliferation of the threat landscape.

Software-Defined Crypto (SDC), a novel approach for the protection and management of cryptographic keys using mathematical guarantees rather than the traditional reliance on physical security, is reshaping risk management concepts that existed in the financial industry for decades

In this webinar, industry experts will discuss:

  • The new IT environment: security and risk management challenges in the financial industry
  • What is Software-Defined Crypto, and what it means for your IT environment – now and in years to come?
  • Case study: practical use cases and case studies
About the Speaker:
Oz Mishli.jpg  

Oz Mishli - VP of Products

Oz is a cybersecurity expert, specializing in malware research and fraud prevention.
He’s held both business and tech roles in the industry, and served in an elite intelligence unit in the military