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Meet us at Cloud & Security Expo, ExCel, London, March 12-13, 2019

Check out Unbound's proven mathematical breakthroughs to secure their most sensitive data
and see how your organization can gain new levels of control on any cloud, server or endpoint.
  • Enterprise security in a complex cloud environment, March 12, 12:20pm 

    In dispersed IT environments, managing the distinct tools offered by different cloud providers is complicated. Keeping organizational security policies consistent across platforms and providers brings an even deeper challenge. Find out more on organizational challenges to maintaining data security and privacy in the cloud and the fundamentals to achieving data protection in a dispersed IT environment.
    Meet the star-packed panel:

    Barry Childe, CEO/Director - Chorum
    Guy Peer, CTO, Co-founder - Unbound
    Josh Kirkwood, DevOps Security Lead - UK & North Europe - CyberArk
    Simon Astbury - Enersec

  • What's the best security solution for Blockchain? March 13, 12:35pm 

    Blockchain is bringing exciting disruption across industries but the risks are high. For the first-time, private keys are directly tokenized into assets such as digital currencies, stocks, real estate & energy, and if the keys are lost or stolen, so are the assets. However, traditional hardware-based key protection solutions used in high-trust use cases don’t work for well blockchain. How can companies overcome the many challenges hardware poses to Blockchain?

    Guy Peer, CTO, Co-founder - Unbound