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Best Practices for Cryptographic Key Management and Protection 

How can financial institutions protect and control their keys in today's increasingly complex, open and interconnected IT scene?

Data and interconnectedness is growing in today’s digital landscape providing new opportunities for banks and their clients. Yet even with superior security, financial organizations are open to new threats of breaches and stealing of secrets. Significant challenges are posed to the standard dedicated cryptographic devices for securing digital assets. The only true solution to protect is one where keys are not vulnerable, and secrets cannot be breached.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The current hardware and software solutions used for key management
  • Challenges and threats to current approaches to cybersecurity
  • Practical examples of how and why software-defined cryptology is a superior solution - especially for financial institutions


Presented by:





Prof. Yehuda Lindell - Co-Founder / Chief Scientist

Yehuda Lindell is a professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University, and a cryptographer with expertise in secure multiparty computation (MPC) that forms the technological core of Unbound’s solutions. Yehuda served as the Chief Scientist of Unbound from its inception until February 2019, when he took over the role as CEO.


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